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Carrageenan: a Healthy Ingredient in Seaweed

What is Carrageenan and Where Did It Come From?

Carrageenan is found in seaweed. It can be used in various recipes, such as keeping food fresh for a longer period of time, retains moisture in different kinds of cooked meats, and a healthier, vegan alternative to gelatin for foods like homemade jello. Seaweed has many health benefits, so carrageenan can be good for people and not cause any health concerns. A red seaweed contains the carrageenan that is extracted, boiled in a non-acidic broth that is gentle enough to use, and milling the product into a powder that can easily be mixed into foods.

How safe is it?

Carrageenan is perfectly safe as a food ingredient. It can be confused with poligeenan, but poligeenan is only the degraded version of carrageenan and not edible whatsoever. Poligeenan is used in medical imaging and found in undegraded carrageenan. Poligeenan is bathed though harsh acid at 194 degrees Fahrenheit. There has been claims of carrageenan able to turn into poligeenan in a person’s stomach, but;

a) The stomach digests at 99 degrees Fahrenheit, much lower than when carrageen gets boiled into poligeenan.

b) The acid bath the poligeenan goes through has a pH balance of 1; the stomach's pH balance is 2.5. The acidity increases the lower the pH number is.


Carrageenan can be healthy for many people and provides no risk factor of any toxins or health concerns. Use it in spaghetti, rub onto chicken, and add to homemade jello for a healthy replacement for unhealthy additives like salt and fats. It is much healthier than herbs, spices, fruits, and vegetables grown in fields that have been sprayed with insecticides. Everyone can rest assure that carrageenan cannot become poligeenan during the digestion process, nor does it contain a gram of poligeenan.